We are a global leading tour operator providing differentiated,diverse, and extraordinary shore excursion experiences to cruiselines in 84 destinations around the globe. Since inception in 2008,we have successfully delivered innovative, unique, and immersiveexperiences ashore, creating memories for a life time. We create,our diversified portfolio in alignment with he demographics andsegmentation of our clients, using a variety of approaches:sustainable immersive experiences, technology-driven, newunfolding trends, and destination highlight choices.

Our innovation mindset is completely adaptable to work with our clients in developing Shore Excursions that are aligned with each Cruise Line brand promise, in delivering exceptional guest experiences.

Global Cruises offers more than a product, rather a turnkey approach that has been proven to deliver success and business growth. This includes innovation in the product creation, implementation, and development of potential marketing strategy to amplify its reach at the destination.

Our Commitment

Global Cruises is committed to generating a positive impact to: cruiselines, cruise guests, destinations, communities, and the environment. Tothat end, we aim to promote tourism that creates opportunities forsustainable growth for all involved, while promoting the regions richbiodiversity and cultural heritage.

We believe there is an extreme need to develop a new way oftourism where experiences are focused on empowering tourists,communities, and the cruise industry in general, to all work togetherfor the protection of environment and the recognition of theimportance of our marine resources and cultural heritage.

Where Are We?