Global Cruises is a passionate globally-minded group of people, with agility, creativity, and innovation as our flagship values and a mission of delivering unique experiences ashore, in every corner of the world, creating memories for a lifetime.

#FeelTheDestination #CreateMemories

We are a worldwide tour operator that can create, translate, and scale any idea or initiative into a unique and successful experience in every corner of the planet.


Global Cruises currently operates in more than 92 ports, mainly in the Caribbean and Mediterranean regions. Our portfolio has seven categories of shore excursions, with a variety of approaches: From sustainable immersive experiences, technology-driven, new unfolding trends, and city highlights, to Ultra-luxury curated experiences.

Global Cruises offers more than a product, rather a turnkey approach that includes innovation in the product creation, implementation, and development of potential marketing strategies to amplify its reach at the destination.

Where Are We?

Where Are We?