The Rise of the Travel Selfie: Who’s Taking Them?

Are you ready to post your #Travelgram? Instagram has taken over the travel industry, as evidenced by the impressive analytics that state 95+ million pictures are shared daily on this social media platform.

Nowadays, our phones serve us as powerful tools that allow us to take and share pictures quicker and easier than ever, from anywhere in the world, at any time. The selfie has become the perfect technique for travelers, allowing them to capture themselves and their destination with just the click of a button. But… who is taking these selfies? What are the demographics? We might think this is limited to Gen Z or Millennials, the generations that popularized this trend.

But lately, today’s youth hasn’t been the only generation to enjoy a good Selfie. More and more, users over the age of 35 are using Instagram as their preferred video and picture sharing app. Trends and hashtags such as #Travelgram and Travel Vlogs, allow Gen X and up to share their picture-perfect memories with their loved ones and followers around the world. With the trend to share everything we do, of course, everyone is joining in on the Travel Selfie-craze!


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