The future of global travel is sustainability. That’s why we’re committed to a new kind of immersion. Immersion that brings local communities and travelers together to create a sustainable future, while promoting the regions rich biodiversity and cultural heritage.

Global Cruises is committed to generating a positive impact to cruise lines, cruise guests, destinations, communities, and the environment.

To that end, we aim to promote tourism that creates opportunities for sustainable growth for all involved, while promoting the regions rich biodiversity and cultural heritage. We believe there is an extreme need to develop a new way of tourism where experiences are focused on empowering tourists, communities, and the cruise industry in general, to all work together for the protection of environment and the recognition of the importance of our marine resources and cultural heritage.

5 Reasons Why Sustainable Tourism Matters
and is the Future of Travel

Climate change is real and living with us. According to recent data, the world’s temperatures have regularly been some of the hottest on record in the past few years. The last decade was the hottest ever recorded, and the levels of CO2 in our atmosphere recently reached all-time high levels.

According to climate experts, humanity’s existence sits on the brink of extinction, and we all need to come together for a brighter, more sustainable future. The tourism industry is at the heart of this. Here are five reasons why sustainable tourism matters and how with our Shore Experiences we’re contributing to it.

It Helps Protect Threatened Ecosystems

Today, the lionfish is a flourishing invasive species in the Caribbean coastal waters; this predator multiplies quickly causing huge damage to the reef ecosystems and putting in risk the marine life. The Lionfish does not belong to this part of the world, consequently, they are destroying the ecosystems and reefs in which they live. The social and economic impacts of its presence are also significant, as there are many fishing communities that depend on the marine resources. To fight back, locals have been spearfishing the spiky predators. Dive lovers and conservationists hoping to reverse the environmental burden will enjoy learning the techniques to eradicate the Lionfish before joining the hunt. Help us hunt the hunters!

It Encourages Learning from Local Communities

Our sustainable culinary experiences in the Caribbean allows travelers to learn to fish with locals. Catch your dinner and learn how to cook it from local women in the community.

This experience will enable you to experience a slice of local life while learning about traditional practices through cultural immersion. It’s an eye-opening opportunity to share in an incredibly local experience, view the world from a different perspective, and taste the delights of traditional Caribbean cooking.

It Supports Traditional Cultures, Helping Them Exist and Thrive

Our community and cultural shore experiences also take you straight to the heart of locals living on land. Visitors can learn about things like traditional basket weaving in Ensenada, Mexico, from the locals.

Not only do you gain a great piece of handiwork, but you also support the livelihood of those living in traditional communities by listening to their teachings and participating.

It Promotes Environmental Restoration

Coral reefs in oceans around the world are suffering. You can help by immersing yourself in coral reef restoration in the Caribbean waters. Learn about growing corals and out planting them. It makes a difference!

It Helps Local Traditions Thrive

The Kumeyaay people made Baja California their home thousands of years ago. Their knowledge of local plant life is extensive, expansive, and unmatched in the region. Guests involved in this community-based experience gain an understanding of indigenous culture and tradition while discovering up close and personally the importance of native plant life to the Kumeyaay people. Local traditions thriving! In a nutshell, sustainable tourism matters. By participating in experiences that promote local communities, you can help protect the environment and support traditional ways of living by working with locals for the benefit of all. Be part of transformational change. Contact us today to learn more about sustainable tourism with Global Cruises.


Global Cruises LLC Obtains Travelife Partner Award

Global Cruises LLC has obtained the Travelife Partner award. The awards are a recognition for the long-term efforts and frontrunner position of Global Cruises LLC regarding sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Global Cruises LLC complies with over 100 sustainability criteria related to an operator’s office management, product range, international business partners, and customer information.

The Travelife standard covers the ISO 26000 corporate social responsibility themes, including environment, biodiversity, human rights, and labour relations, and is formally recognised as in full compliance with the UN-supported global sustainable tourism criteria. The management requirements are compatible with EMAS and ISO 14001

Global Cruises LLC is among the first companies in United States to have achieved the Travelife Partner award.

Travelife, which was established with the support of the European Commission, is the leading international sustainability certification in the travel sector. More than 35 national travel associations are promoting the scheme to their members including ABTA and PATA.

For questions and remarks related to our sustainability/CSR policies, please contact us.

GLOBAL CRUISES LLC demonstrates commitment to sustainable tour operator business practices.