Some of our team members share their traveling stories

Laura is a member of Global Cruises’ Product team, serving as the Product Manager for the European Region, guiding her team on the task of developing, upgrading, and creating travel experiences in all the European locations. She is a veteran of Global Cruises, having contributed to various departments throughout her career, and currently, she is primarily focused on her work with the Product Team.



Very fittingly, my favorite destination is Marseille,

with its charming port, rich cultural heritage, breathtaking landscapes, and warm and welcoming people. In particular, I enjoyed the landscape of boats in Marseille’s picturesque Vieux-Port. Wandering along the port, listening to the sounds of seagulls, the lapping of the waves, and the chatter of locals and visitors alike, was a remarkably relaxing

Whether you’re a boat enthusiast or simply appreciate the beauty of the sea, the landscape of boats in Marseille is a sight not to be missed. Standing at the viewpoint of the city, taking in its entirety, will remain one of my best memories. I felt like part of the beauty of the city itself.


Australia has left an indelible mark on me – it’s the destination of my most memorable travel experience thus far. For two years, I immersed myself in its picturesque landscapes, white sandy beaches, and unique cultural diversity, while studying. The experience enriched my knowledge and allowed me to interact with people from all corners of the world, fostering a deeper understanding of their perspectives. I highly recommend this destination to anyone seeking to broaden their horizons and discover the beauty of our world.


Innovation is the DNA of our company. In Global Cruises, we understand that technology and new forms of tourism will transform the industry. We’re dedicated to investing in and adapting to a changing,

technology-driven future.

With products like our Attraction Pass, Virtual Reality Immersive Experiences, and Walking Tour Guided Adventure, available in +25 destinations across the globe, we are catering to a new form of tourism, ensuring our more independent travelers feel seen and

free to explore as they see fit.