Some of our team members share their traveling stories

Christian is part of Global Cruises’ Operations team. He contributes as cruise coordinator for some of the European Operations. Christian is most known in the company for being a bit of a night owl, who stays on top of the situations at any time, no matter rain, shine or the time difference! Christian plays a key role within Global Cruises’ operations.



My dream destination is Egypt.

I have never been there, but I can’t wait to go! As a diving aficionado, I would love to dive in what is referred to as the «diver’s paradise»: the Red Sea. From everything I’ve seen, the experience is nothing short of entering a completely new world, vibrant with coral reefs, colorful fish, sea turtles, dolphins, and even sharks! I guess you can also say I have a knack for adventure. In addition, I can’t wait to discover the Pharaohs and the Sahara Desert.


One of the most unforgettable travel experiences I’ve had was living in Argentina as a child. Even though I was only there until the age of five, the memories I have of that country are still very present with me to this day. It was Argentina’s customs, landscapes, and warm people that left a lasting impression on me that I’ll never forget.

I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to connect with Argentinean culture, and I try to stay
updated on it, even if it is mainly through soccer and music!


Innovation is the DNA of our company. In Global Cruises, we understand that technology and new forms of tourism will transform the industry. We’re dedicated to investing in and adapting to a changing,

technology-driven future.

With products like our Attraction Pass, Virtual Reality Immersive Experiences, and Walking Tour Guided Adventure, available in +25 destinations across the globe, we are catering to a new form of tourism, ensuring our more independent travelers feel seen and

free to explore as they see fit.