Some of our team members share their traveling stories

Anyu is part of Global Cruises’ Design team. She contributes as the company´s Graphic Designer. She works with all the areas of the company as she helps, inputs, or creates all the necessary designs. This keeps her very busy, but she is also very efficient, which enables her to contribute to the accomplishment of all sorts of projects.



Florence holds a special place in my heart,

and even just the thought of it fills me with an intense desire to return. I had the opportunity to discover this enchanting city with my friends and colleagues from Global Cruises, and it was an experience like no other. The beautiful landscapes and rich culture made me feel both a million miles away from home and yet completely at ease.

But what truly made my time in Florence unforgettable was the warmth and passion of the Italian people. Their welcoming nature and love for their culture left a lasting impression on me. The trip was the perfect blend of adventure and comfort, and I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction to exploring the world beyond my homeland.


Right out of college, my closest friend and I embarked on a journey to Cabo San Juan and Parque Tairona, in Colombia – two of the most breathtaking locations I’ve ever seen. These places are truly an adventurer’s dream come true. Colombia has so many hidden gems waiting to be discovered, and these two locations are like a buffet of outdoor activities. You can hike, snorkel, camp, and even go diving in the sea! It was a refreshing and fun-filled time spent with friends, and I can’t recommend it enough to anyone looking for a thrilling travel experience.


Innovation is the DNA of our company. In Global Cruises, we understand that technology and new forms of tourism will transform the industry. We’re dedicated to investing in and adapting to a changing,

technology-driven future.

With products like our Attraction Pass, Virtual Reality Immersive Experiences, and Walking Tour Guided Adventure, available in +25 destinations across the globe, we are catering to a new form of tourism, ensuring our more independent travelers feel seen and

free to explore as they see fit.