Some of our team members share their traveling stories

With previous experience in the public field, Guillermo started his journey in the tourism industry back in 2012. He was part of the original Miami City Sightseeing project, before moving to its chapter in Cartagena and then becoming a key player in Global Cruises. As our Managing Director, he oversees daily operations in more than 93 destinations worldwide, helping Global Cruises achieve its missions and objectives.



I have a few. I got to spend some time in Malaga and Madrid, and really explore them as a local would. There’s something so enchanting about Spain and its people,  colors,  and  sights  that really draws you in.

I also really enjoyed strolling through Marseilles, charmed by its perfect mix of modern architecture and old-style buildings. Walking through the narrow streets in Le Panier with its mesmerizing street art and artisanal stores is still one of my favorite memories. It was very beautiful  and   interesting,   the oldest city in France!


In New York, I had an action movie experience while overseeing a Hop-on Hop-off bus building process. I had to run around trying to find a team, negotiating with the mechanic so we could have the buses in time. I  felt  like  I was moving up and down New York, trying to put the project together with all odds stacked against me. An experience that I’ll never forget.

And I can’t forget Discover Scuba in Grand Cayman. It was a beautiful first scuba experience, helping me truly enjoy a world of aquatic experiences. As you can see, the Caribbean has so much to offer!


I was blessed with a daughter, and in my free time, I love spending time with her and playing with her toys. It’s my favorite thing to do after a long day!


Innovation is the DNA of our company. In Global Cruises, we understand that technology and new forms of tourism will transform the industry. We’re dedicated to investing in and adapting to a changing,

technology-driven future.

With products like our Attraction Pass, Virtual Reality Immersive Experiences, and Walking Tour Guided Adventure, available in +25 destinations across the globe, we are catering to a new form of tourism, ensuring our more independent travelers feel seen and

free to explore as they see fit.