Enjoy the spectacular views of the most iconic places, all from the top of a double decker bus. The best 360° panoramic views, open space and fresh air will definitely make of this the perfect tour for you. Join our private Open Air Sightseeing Tour as a closed loop service and have the possibility to pass by a wide range of attractions, from esteemed museums to natural and historical highlights that will allow you to easily get a glimpse of the most beautiful cruise destinations, while learning about its culture and history. Our Open Top Buses will provide perfect air circulation to ensure the health and wellbeing of everyone on board, Up to 70% occupancy on the buses will assure social distancing and the company personnel will always give a sense of security, all to better protect the health and safety of guests. This tour will be a 100% Panoramic, preventing any social contact and providing the benets of going to the most iconic places while listening to audio commentary in dierent languages and implementing health protocols that guarantee the highest safety standards for our guests.


Enjoy the city from the top of our open double- decker buses. Get in touch with the architecture and culture of the destination and learn all about their history in your own language with commentary on board, available in 12 languages. Visit and admire spectacular sights, hop on and hop off as many times as you like, enjoying the destination at your leisure.

Experience all that the city has to offer including sightseeing, museums, shopping, restaurants, and bars as this fully narrated tour allows you to hop-on or hop-off at over dozen locations throughout the city. The open-air double decker bus provides fantastic views and a great atmosphere to explore. With buses running at approx. 30-minute intervals, you’ll remain free to plan your personal schedule.


Attraction Passes are one of the most convenient and popular ways for visitors to explore a destination. The Unlimited Attraction PASS is a card that enables cruise guests to discover at their own pace and with skip the line priorities, the iconic attractions and best places a destination has to offer. We bring together: savings, flexibility, convenience, and choices to get the most out of your visit to each destination!

The Unlimited Attraction Pass offers a variety of flexible experiences to suit all guests’ interests and schedules. Skip the line at popular attractions. Choose at your convenience what you want to do and when you want to do it.


Instant memories. Instant connections. Showcase and capture the feel of the moment snapping the perfect selfies in the destination!

It is phenomenal what’s happening with Selfies and how the whole trend is here to stay, the analytics are huge. Twenty-seven (27) million pieces of photo content are shared on social media every day. The reason: Selfies are a blast and a half to take. Whether you are by yourself or with your friends and family discovering the place, learn how to take a good selfie-especially if you’re willing to have tons of fun in the process. Our professional photographers and Selfie Experts will work with you on the best selfie-taking tips: composition, posing, lighting at the top selfie spots in the destination, while you see the main highlights and capture the essence of this incredible place.


Join our Destination Race Tour and enjoy a different way of travel. Learn about the history of the destination like never before, in an adventurous shore excursion inspired in the famous reality game race! Compete with other teams as you navigate yourself in this new destination. Get to know the place while having tons of fun and excitement in the process. While you enjoy the race, we’ll take you to numerous great locations where you can admire the best city landmarks. Destination Race is like a reality show that has come to life. There is no better way to experience the City. Teams of 6 will meet at a designated area and will receive the first of a series of clues which leads them to the next location and so on.You’ll need your wits, your energy, and your willingness to have fun as you race the clock and your competition in an attempt to be the first team to unlock the clues and cross the finish line.


Don’t miss the chance to explore at your own pace, with a multilingual system and state of the art digital conveniences. The best way to enjoy the destination is on foot! Our tour showcases carefully designed sightseeing routes, with over a dozen stops. All done walking! Discover the history of the destination – squares, narrow streets, and the most famous city landmarks- with a one-day ticket for the city’s only hop-on-hop-off walking style tour. Our hop-on-hop-off style tour by foot will give you the possibility to join, leave, and rejoin an amazing walking tour itinerary through the city with designated stops and frequency. Your Local Buddy will bring the city alive with tips and assistance all the time. Get off when you want to go exploring or stay as long as you like at a specific venue


Get the most of your day at one of the best Cozumel Deluxe Resorts, located in the second largest coral reef in the world, you will savor unforgettable moments and either enjoy the rays of a warm Mexican sun or relax beneath the shade of a tropical palm or Palapa. Take advantage of the Caribbean ocean and explore the tropical reef and see its vibrant underwater life up close. You will see colorful fish, thriving greenery, crabs, eels and coral. Join us and admire extensive green areas with a wide range of activities, including Water Sports, snorkeling, volleyball by the beach, pool games and many more!


IImmerse yourself in nature.

The world is changing, making the way we travel different, it is time to discover new destinations through local’s eyes.

Gain a better understanding of the world with an authentic experience while sharing with communities, saving the planet, and making a positive impact on the environment.

Return home transformed, ready to inspire and spread the learnings with your family and friends.