Nassau: Where Sun, Sea, and Hospitality Meet at the Iconic Straw Market

We continue with our next #GlobalDestination, Nassau!

The capital of the Bahamas, this city is known for the perfect relaxing mix of sun, land, and sea. But, while beautiful landscapes might be the reason people come to Nassau, its locals are the reason they stay! This city has some of the kindest, liveliest, and most hospitable locals around, always ready to greet you with a smile. You can find a taste of this lively attitude in the Nassau Straw Market, iconic for its beautiful colors and a favorite place to shop for handwoven souvenirs. Perhaps the most famous of these wares are the eponymous Straw Crafts, which years ago were used by locals to carry fruit, catch fish and shield themselves from the sun. After World War II, more North Americans began to come to Nassau for tourism and started buying the crafts, contributing to their later popularity and the success of the market! And, did you know each piece is unique? As they are carefully made by hand with dried palm and sisal leaves and then painstakingly plaited, braided, and woven together by each individual artist, no two could ever look the same!


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