Industry Resilience and Collaboration: Highlights from #STCGlobal Conference

Celebrating five decades of growth, development, and change, #STCGlobal brought the perfect opportunity for the industry to connect.

The conference highlighted how resilience and collaboration played a key role in the industry during the past two years, as collective efforts were needed to keep the economy going. As Russell Benford said, these past years were a test of leadership. Day two was buzzing with life, as Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. and Norwegian Cruise Lines brought exciting round of meetings. It was inspiring to meet with such an innovative and forward-thinking team, and we thank Christine Manjencic, David Guerra, Valerie Bazelais, Thomas Beuermann, Ingrid Marincic, Jheniffer Ortiz, and Ileana Fraga.

The incredible Disney Cruise Line Port Adventures Team – Jaco Gouws, Hein Erasmus, and Michelle Moraga – made for a very successful meeting. And finally, we want to thank all our clients, colleagues, partners, and friends for your time during #STCGlobal. We believe in the industry’s power to bring delightful experiences, fun moments, and unforgettable memories, and through hardships, we came out even stronger. It was a pleasure to see Michael Koster, Gea Rizo, Sacha M. R., Eva Mikulkova, Beáta Szablics, Elena Trajkovska, Luis Terife, Bertha Valentin, Marlene Barzana, Kieffer Pineda, Rosangeles Madriz, Cesar J Pascuales, Sarah Martini, Lisa Banner, and Colleen Kastan again. Stay tuned for more updates from #STCGlobal!


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