Global Cruises celebrates World Ocean Day 2022

Global Cruises celebrates World Ocean Day 2022

Let’s take a splash to celebrate World Ocean Day! In Global Cruises we believe we must take care of the ocean in the same way it takes care of us, providing life and climate regulation. Tourism can educate guests and help them take action in the preservation of our marine resources.

Global Cruises is engaged in ocean protection initiatives in a hands-on way, such as coral gardening programs that work with local communities to repair and rebuild degraded coral reef systems in the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

It is with these experiences as our core, that we have developed our Sustainable Marine Tours, a category focused on adventures that help guests learn and take care of our always-giving oceans. Under this category, guests can experience a new type of aquatic shore excursions, including Lionfish hunting adventures throughout the Caribbean and Coral Reef nursing and restoration among many others. Together, We can all play an active role in the preservation of our planet!


Innovation is the DNA of our company. In Global Cruises, we understand that technology and new forms of tourism will transform the industry. We’re dedicated to investing in and adapting to a changing,

technology-driven future.

With products like our Attraction Pass, Virtual Reality Immersive Experiences, and Walking Tour Guided Adventure, available in +25 destinations across the globe, we are catering to a new form of tourism, ensuring our more independent travelers feel seen and

free to explore as they see fit.