Exploring Istanbul’s Timeless Charm: The Hagia Sophia and Its Fascinating History.

We continue our #GlobalDestinations by traveling far away from the Caribbean and into the historically rich Istanbul, a city known for its timeless charm and many names.

Whether you know it as Constantinople or Byzantium, there is no denying this city is simply a wonder! And the country’s history is written on its walls, as its landmarks and architecture tell stories of ancient times. An example of this is the Hagia Sophia, once known as one of the largest cathedrals in the world. Did you know that despite being 1500 years old, the Hagia Sophia was built in a record six years? For comparison, it took 182 years to complete Notre Dame and 150 years for the still ongoing La Sagrada Família. But fun facts don’t end here. This landmark also shows the religious history of the city, as it was first a church then a mosque, and now a museum. You can observe both Christian and Islamic influences on its walls, including ancient art and mosaics. Just as its name suggests, the Hagia Sophia, Holy Wisdom, is full of hidden knowledge and ancient Turkish history!


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