Curaçao, brimming with color and culture

Curaçao, brimming with color and culture

Today we start our new series, #GlobalDestinations, highlighting curious fun facts from different destinations around the world.

We start with the beautiful ABC Islands located in the crystal clear Caribbean sea. Here we find magical Curaçao, an island known for its world-renowned beaches and vibrant colors, home to culture, nature, and rich heritage.

Let’s start with one of the city’s wonders! Have you ever heard of a fort made with coral stones? Now you have! Meet Rif Fort, or “Reef Fort” in English. Rif Fort was originally built to defend the entrance of the St. Anna Bay and the outer part of the Otrabanda neighborhood. The curious thing is that the walls of this fortress were built with corals, and you can still see and touch seashells embedded along them! Visit Rift Fort to touch the past and learn all about the history of its construction, all with a panoramic ocean view.

Continuing our highlight of Curçao we have the Queen Emma Bridge. This bridge still opens up regularly for the passage of vessels! The bridge was originally built in 1888, but the lighting was only added in 1955, to celebrate the royal visit of Queen Juliana of The Netherlands. Locally, this bridge is known as the Swinging Old Lady, as it swings from Otrabanda to Willemstad.

Do you want to know something interesting? It served as a toll bridge from 1901 to 1934, but the passage through The Queen Emma Bridge was free for everyone barefoot! Later on, people from higher social classes started removing their shoes to cross the bridge, so it was made free for everyone. Will you honor the history of the bridge by taking your shoes off next time you visit? It would certainly be a curious sight to see!


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