Cozumel: A Mystical Island of Mayan Legends and Ruins

Let’s take a dip to visit our next #GlobalDestination, Cozumel.

Located in Mexico off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula and just south of Cancun, this vibrant island harbors thousands of tourists a year. Did you know that the island has mystical connotations? Legend says that during the Mayan civilization, women in search of a prosperous marriage would travel to Cozumel to make offerings to the temple of Ixchel, the fertility goddess, and to consult the oracle. The Mayans worshiped Ixchel through numerous ceremonies at the site’s numerous temples, many of which can still be found today. The most prominent ruins are located at the archeological site of San Gervasio near the center of the island, and today are a must-visit you can’t miss.


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