Global Cruises LLC is committed to promote and implement sustainable tourism by:

  1. Being aware of the social, cultural, economic and environmental impact of its excursions and services provided at the different destinations where it operates. Therefore, Global Cruises follows and promotes good sustainability practices through the five core company processes: internal management, product management, supply chain management, cooperation with destination and customer relations.
  2. Seeking to promote tourism that creates opportunities for sustainable growth, while empowering underserved sectors and promoting each region rich biodiversity and cultural heritage.


  1. Comply with the national laws, regulations and codes of conducts.
  2. Integrate sustainable development principles in the creation and development of excursions and services.
  3. Be in continuing improvement.
  4. Encourage sustainability awareness in all company levels, employees, suppliers and customers.
  5. Minimize the impact of administrative and operational activities.
  6. Report annually the progress of the sustainability system management.

Finally, Global Cruises aims to increase the awareness of our staff, suppliers, contractors and stakeholders in sustainable tourism and its importance; and develop diverse manners to contribute to minimize the company’s negative impact in the different destinations.