Agility, Creativity, and Innovation are our flagship values. We pride ourselves on our ability to take projects that require speed, flexibility, and continuous successful deliveries to our clients in short cycles.


Three things set us apart: A quick and agile mindset, creativity and innovation, and environmental consciousness.

Agile mindset, we are an agile company that is known for being fast and light-footed, able to produce in-scale unique experiences in every corner of the planet.

Our agility allows us to bring our clients’ ideas alive and deliver them on a worldwide scale in record time.

Creativity and innovation are the heart and soul of Global Cruises. Innovation can happen in many ways from reintroducing a destination with a new approach to implementing technology to improve the guest’s experience. We’re concentrated on both approaches.

Global Cruises’ Creativity: In Global Cruises, we know great ideas are found everywhere and can inspire creativity. What makes the difference is what you do with that idea. Execution at speed!

The more you use your creativity, the more you have.

Global Cruises’ Innovation. We believe that great ideas are found in every corner, and it is through exploring the world that we cultivate our sense of creativity and wonder.

We’ve swam with sharks in French Polynesia, and hiked Los Andes from Colombia to Ecuador and Chile. Always looking for new adventures.
We know NO borders. With a passionate and determined team, we’ve been able to create, translate, and scale any idea or initiative into a unique and successful experience in every corner of the planet.

Environmentally Conscious, we believe there is an extreme need to develop a new way of tourism where experiences are focused on empowering tourists, communities, and the cruise industry in general, so we can all work together for the protection of the environment and the recognition of the importance of our marine resources and cultural heritage.


More creativity. More innovation. More destinations.

We are going to keep creating and delivering exceptional experiences in every corner of the planet. Experiences that cater to the modern traveler-, that is Independent, explorers, and tech-savvy guests. Today’s travelers want more freedom than ever before. They demand an industry that caters to their own pace and not vice versa.

With our bold style that keeps evolving, we will keep utilizing and exploring all resources to bring the best ventures to cruises guests. They can visit the same port a thousand times, but we will provide them with a new, differentiated experience each time.